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How to Pack the Fragile and Delicate Items for a Safe and Damage Free Move

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Moving and shifting is a daunting and tedious task when you have to shift with all your household goods. Shifting process includes many tasks like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging the goods. During moving our priority is the safety of the goods and that depends on how carefully the goods have been packed. Packing is an art and science; one must know the right way to pack the goods to keep it safe from damages and breakage. There are many things that you have to pack for home shifting and each of the goods must be packed according to its nature in the right box and packing method. A successful relocation depends on the safety of the goods, if you will relocate your goods safely at your new house then you can enjoy a safe and damage free move. You can pack the goods in the carton boxes using other important and necessary packaging materials but you have to give extra care while packing fragile and delicate items. There are many kinds of fragile goods that need to be packed with utmost care, so here are some useful tips for packing the fragile items like:

Crockery or Glassware: one of the most delicate items are crockery, you should pack crockery using the bubble wrap. First wrap the glassware in bubble wrap then give a soft bed of paper in the box and then place the crockery in the box. The bubble wrap and the paper bed will give the base to crockery and will keep safe from bumps and jerks during transportation.

Television or Microwave: these are oversized fragile items that you might find difficult to pack safely. The bubble wrap can’t help much so, you can use your blanket for packing these kinds of fragile goods this prevents them from breaking.

Statues/Idols or Photo Frames: for all the fragile goods such as statues, idols, vases, photo frames, portraits etc. should be packed well and must be placed in the right way in the boxes. You can use your winter wears as a comfort bed for theses fragile items in the boxes and then place the frames horizontally. This will cause less or no damages while transporting the goods.

These are some important tips to pack the fragile goods to have a safe and damage free moving. If you don’t want to put so much of efforts then you can hire packers and moves to move safe with all your household goods. They are expert and professional one who knows how to pack and transport the goods in safe condition. You might make many mistakes while doing so, but they are experienced who are working since many years in the same field so one can do better than them. So, hire packers and movers in Mumbai and make your move safe and damage free.